Meridian 42

The Meridian 42 longitudinally crosses the entire Horn of Africa area, intersecting Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti, ideally representing the unified geographic reference coordinate of the entire region.

The research program dedicated to the Horn of Africa was thus conceived with the aim of continuing a tradition of regional studies in a geographic context characterized by strong historical and cultural ties with Italy, to investigate the political, social, economic, and security dynamics.

Strategically located at the intersection between the eastern margins of the Sahel, the entrance to the Red Sea, and the shores of the Indian Ocean, the Horn of Africa region represents an important crossroads of strategic and economic interests, which have determined its growing relevance, especially over the last two centuries. This condition, however, has also led to prolonged periods of instability and conflict, especially in recent years, necessitating a more punctual and accurate analysis of regional policies and individual countries’ dynamics.

Within the Meridian 42 program, constant monitoring of local politics is conducted, developing specific analysis profiles to understand the dynamics and assess the evolution, through the collection and processing of key elements of interest aimed at evaluating local political and social systems, security variables, and economic development prospects.

In addition to producing periodic synthesis documents on regional politics and security, analytical studies and scenario hypotheses are systematically conducted, as well as conferences and roundtable discussions with regional experts.

Meridiano 42
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