Mediaverse is a research program whose aim is to explore and analyze the complex dynamics intersecting the world of media, technology, and information with politics, international relations, and society.

In an era characterized by rapid technological and social changes, Mediaverse aims at exploring, through research and interdisciplinary comparison, the impact of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, on the communicative and informative dynamics of our society.

Continuous and increasingly rapid technological progress has led to a profound transformation in the media system and the ability to convey information and culture, through the provision of new and increasingly efficient platforms. Simultaneously, the global user base of information has significantly increased, fostering a more widespread and accurate dissemination of information and a more articulated offering in terms of cultural content.

However, alongside such a significant transformation of the media system, a concurrent criticality has emerged in the process of producing and validating information, leading to increasing risks of manipulation in the narratives of politics, economics, and culture.

The challenge posed by the development of artificial intelligence technologies, while opening up opportunities of enormous interest and utility, requires processes of management and control aimed at ensuring these technologies serve the public, collective interest.

It’s therefore an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities arising from the integration of these technologies in the media and information sector, with particular attention to political, social, and economic implications.

By combining multidisciplinary expertise of experts, collaborators, and advisors, Mediaverse aims at providing a global perspective on key topics such as democratization of information, data security, transparency in media, and much more.

Giovanni Pedde

Giovanni A. Pedde

Mediaverse program Director

Giovanni A. Pedde is an international lawyer and former corporate EVP specialized in the management, protection and exploitation of intellectual property on a global scale, with a proven record in negotiating complex licensing agreements and in structuring long term commercial partnerships. During his tenure at Paramount Pictures first, and then at ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global), Giovanni has contributed to expand each Studio’s international footprint with multi-territory oversight over brands, services and intellectual properties. Prior to joining Paramount, Giovanni was part of Loeb & Loeb’s media law division first in New York and then in Rome, specializing in copyright law and international co-productions. Giovanni obtained an LL.M. degree from New York University’s School of Law and is a member of both the Italian and the New York State Bar. He is currently board member at L.A. based consulting and distribution firm Marenzi & Associates and of counsel to international law firm Vahrenwald & Kretschmer. He is also a member of the board of advisors at Ecoflix, the first non-profit media group dedicated to saving animals and the planet. Giovanni has contributed as a visiting professor and tutor at the Media Business School, and he was a founder of the European Master in Audiovisual Management (EMAM), a training program for media executives financed by the European Media Plan that ran from 1993 to 1998. He is currently academic board member at the Showrunner Lab, where he teaches Distribution and International Licensing of Audiovisual Content with a focus on advanced techniques of business negotiation, and at Cinecittà’s Next Generation Lawyer program.

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