About us

The activities of IGS – Institute for Global Studies are coordinated by a Steering Committee, assisted by an Advisory Board, tasked with outlining the research and analysis program, the schedule of dissemination activities, and project management.

The main activities carried out by the Institute include research and analysis, consulting, joint project management with organizations and institutions in Italy and abroad, organization of conferences and roundtable discussions, and management of editorial and training activities.

Research and analysis activities are integrated into the various programs of interest of the Institute and are carried out each year by researchers individually, collectively, or through the formation of working groups that also include external researchers. Research and analysis activities during the year involve conducting missions in specific areas of interest of each program, for data collection and processing, participation in meetings, seminars, and conferences, as well as organizing events and cultural exchanges with similar foreign organizations.

Consulting activities carried out by the Institute are managed under the direct supervision of the Steering Committee and entrusted to individual researchers and analysts or dedicated working groups. These activities may involve the deployment of the working group to the headquarters of the client company or organization, or conversely, be carried out directly at the Institute’s headquarters.

The management of seminar activities, conferences, and roundtable discussions at the Institute is usually organized in Rome and Brussels, although the intense work schedule often includes additional appointments in other locations.

Editorial activities are mainly coordinated and managed in Rome, as are training activities, which typically also involve practical field experience abroad.

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